Bring Back Beth

OK, I must admit. I love Beth. She may be the challenge’s biggest drama queen, but at least she’s entertaining.

Here’s why I like Beth.

She’s not afraid to be the bad guy. Whether I agree with her or not, she’s very vocal and will take a stand. Ultimately, she’s in a competition where people will sell their souls to the devil. She may not be the nicest person in the world but she doesn’t flip flop like many others do.

She’s loyal. Remember in the Duel when she established the underdog alliance? Well she never turned her back on them. In fact, it was Svetlana that stabber her in the back. However, it was apparent that Nehemiah, Wes, and Aneesa saw her value as an important part of the alliance.

She represents the old schoolers. It’s very rare nowaday to see a Roomie or Roadie that is from a single-digit season. She brings so diversity to the cast.

She plays a respectable game. She hates the players, not the game. I know that some people have had bad experiences on the challenges, but she is still willing to compete in them.

Finally, she’s entertaining. Whether you side with her in an argument or not, they’re exciting to watch. She doesn’t shy away from confrontation and she makes the show more interesting to watch.

Will Beth ever return? Well, she recently got married and had a child so she’s devoted to her family. However, I understand that she is not opposed to doing another challenge so I really hope that we’ll see her again.

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