The Ruins Tonya Cooley

The Tonya Cooley Scandal

Uh-oh! Well, this isn’t exactly news. It surfaced in late October/ early November.

Tonya is suing Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP; the production company of The Real World & The Challenges) for alleged rape.

According to Tonya, everything happened during The Ruins when other cast members, namely Kenny and Evan, would call her derogatory names and at one point they took a picture of her without her bathing suit on.

As disgusting as this is, I don’t have that hard of a time believing it. Remember during The Inferno 2 when Rachel and Veronica would make fun of Tonya and took pictures of her as she slept? Not only was that allowed, but it was shown on TV.

But here is the real allegation: Tonya claims that Kenny and Evan inserted the toothbrush of a “hated” cast member into her vagina while she was pass-out-drunk, and it was caught on camera. Tonya didn’t even know until another cast member told her.

BMP claims there is no evidence of this, and an investigation of them has come up clean. I’m not sure what the next step is, but I will keep you posted.

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