Worst Male Competitors

Poor Nate. I can only image the being the first person sent home on a challenge sucks. Fortunately for him, I can think of people that are worse at these challenges than he is. In fact, some really good competitors have been the first sent home. Some examples are Johnny Bananas, Veronica, and Adam L.

Here are my top 5 worst male competitors.

5. Adam (Real World Paris)

Adam has had his share of bad luck on these challenges. Don’t let that fool you. He still sucks. He has won 0 challenges so far, and he is the reason CT didn’t make the finals on Rivals. He tries to use his size as an advantage, but it really hasn’t worked. It is true that he’s fast, but every other guy on the show is fast AND strong.

4. Laterrian (Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour)

Laterrian looks like a force to be reckoned with. Truth be told…he isn’t. He didn’t do too poorly on the Extreme Challenge, but when he was on Battle of the Sexes he was the second guys to leave…and the first guy voluntarily left. Then he underperformed on The Gauntlet and threw poor Sarah under the bus to avoid going into The Gauntlet. That didn’t do anything for him because he was eventually sent home by Alton.

3. Ryan (Fresh Meat)

I sometimes think of The Gauntlet 3 when Ryan eliminated heavyweight Derek from RR Viewers Revenge. Then I remember that he beat him in a puzzle. Since that challenge Ryan has underperformed. He relies on his friendships to get far in the game, but when it comes time to perform, he can’t pull his own weight. Maybe veterans don’t get thrown into the first elimination round, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get eliminated.

2. Nick (Real World Hollywood)

Nick ironically nicknamed himself The Movement, but the only movement he makes is onto his plane back home. He went home first on his first challenge, and second on his second challenge. He does look strong though. Maybe if he get on another challenge he do well. Or maybe he’ll go home third.

1. Danny (Real World Austin)

Why is Danny #1. To put it simply, he has been on 5 challenge. He has been in 5 elimination rounds. He has lost 5 elimination rounds. That’s a lot of Gauntlets/Exiles/Infernos/Ruins to be in a NEVER win. He’s another one of those competitors that looks like he has the size to win, but at the end of the day he’s lacking something.


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