Worst Female Competitors

So yesterday I did my top 5 list of the worst males on the challenges, and today I am going to do females.

To be fair, I am not going to include girls that have only done one challenge. On Evelyn’s first challenge she was eliminated first, but she has since gone on to win 3 challenges. Some people just have bad days or bad luck.

5. Katie (Road Rules The Quest)

Oh Katie! I love her, but she isn’t the best competitor. She’s been known to not compete when she doesn’t like a challenge and she was once considered The Real World’s mascot because she kept winning challenges for them. But I guess every dog has its day, because Katie did win on The Inferno.

4. Casey (Fresh Meat)

Katie may be the single worst person at the challenges, but she does seem to be doing something right because she made it pretty far on Fresh Meat 1 and The Ruins. Maybe its her willingness to take orders from anyone that barks them at her? Or it might just be that she sucks so badly that the other team never throws her in. Either way, she has made it further than some of the greatest competitors.

3. Katelyn (Real World Brooklyn)

I admit it, I thought Katelyn would do well because in the past she was a man. I shouldn’t have believed the stereotype because she has no performed on either of her challenges. She claims to have been a martial artist in the past, but it doesn’t show while she’s competing in challenges. She also claims that she knows puzzles, but she was sent home on Rivals after failing to complete a puzzle.

2. Brooke (Real World Denver)

Brooke claims that she is a lover, not a fighter. Her challenge record is definitely consistent with that. To be fair, I didn’t expect much out of Brooke after her Real World season when she worked as an ambassador for Outward Bounds and complained every time she had to hike a straight path. She was sent home early on both The Gauntlet 3 and The Duel 2. However, she did find herself a lover on The Gauntlet 3…EVELYN!

1. Shauvon (Real World Sydney)

Shauvon has a terrible track record.

Challenge #1: She hooks up with CT and then gets sent home in the first Duel. Because she hooked up with CT, none of the girls like her.

Challenge #2: She falls into the water and thinks she popped an implant. She is then sent home for medical reasons, only to find out that she was just bruised.

Challenge #3: She is afraid to jump into the water because of her prior challenge. She is then talked into quitting the challenge.

With a track record like that, how could she not be #1?

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