Battle of the Exes List

Exes With Other Exes

Now that we all know which Exes are on “Battle of the Exes” have you ever wondered which cast members could have been paired with someone else? Here’s a list of some of the other couples that have happened in the past.

Naomi & Mike (Real World Las Vegas)  got married at the end of their season of The Real World. They may not have been a real couple, but Naomi is the only person on the cast that has been “married” to another cast member.

Robin & Dan (Road Rules Viewers Revenge) if you’re one of the few people that watched The Island you may remember when Robin was in a relationship with Danimal. It all ended when an embarrassing argument.

Paula & Mike (Real World Las Vegas) I wouldn’t expect to put Mike on this list once, let alone twice. However, I wanted Paula and Mike to become an item on Rivals. Too bad nothing ever really happened, but they did get a little action during the season.

Paula & Derek (Road Rules Viewers Revenge) if you blinked during The Gauntlet 3 then you missed this one, but they were caught canoodling in Mexico that season.

Rachel and/or Abram and/or Veronica (Road Rules Semester At Sea) back in the day there were plenty of rumors about Rachel and Veronica hooking up, but nothing was confirmed. However, when Abe was voted off The Gauntlet these 3 were filmed having a threesome in the shower of the Colorado house.

Rachel & Jenn (Real World Denver) the two quickly hooked up during The Island, but when they were reunited on The Duel 2 sparks flew again. Aneesa became jealous of the two and thus revealed her relationship with Rachel, which is why they’re now Battle of the Exes partners.

Mandi & Chet (Real World Brooklyn) if there’s any couple that had less action that Paula & Mike, this is probably it. Somehow the two started flirting during Cutthroat, but the only think more difficult for Mandi than this relationship was winning a Gulag.

Mandi & CT during Rivals the two began flirting. Although the attraction was clear, CT ditched Mandi for a different girl.

CT & Laurel (Fresh Meat 2) talk about a power couple. I know that this team would have crushed the competition if they were together this season. On Rivals, Laurel and CT started to connect and therefore Mandi was thrown out of the picture.

CT & Shauvon (Real World Sydeny) this may be one of CT’s worst decisions, even worse than punching Adam. On The Duel 2, before the first challenge, CT and Shavon became physical on the roof. Once news of this got to Diem, all hell broke loose.

Johnny & Casey (Fresh Meat) rumors of these two hooking up began to circulate after their quick appearance on The Duel. However, it was during The Gauntlet 3 that the two were caught on camera as Casey was jumping through windows naked as an attempt to avoid camera.

Abe & Coral (Real World Back to New York) after Battle of the Seasons, I admit that I wanted Coral and the Miz to get together. However, viewers had to settle of Coral  and the Mini Miz on Battle of the Sexes 2. Apparently the two lasted for a while after filming of the show wrapped.

Wes & Theresa (Fresh Meat 2) Theresa originally wanted Kenny, but had to settle for Wes. Maybe if she slept with Kenny she would have been taken to the final challenge on Fresh Meat 2.

Wes & Kellyanne (Real World Sydney) when Wes returned to the challenges on The Ruins, he was there with his girlfriend Kellyanne. The two seemed committed and could even stand to be in the presence of their exes. The relationship lasted after filming ended, but by the time he was back for Fresh Meat 2, Wes was looking for love in different people.

Wes & Johanna (Real World Austin) the two were never an item during their Real World season, but when they were on Fresh Meat together, they were together. When Wes was on The Duel he talked about marrying Jo, and they were even engaged at one point. I guess all good things come to an end, because I doubt Wes will ever get anyone better.


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