Fun Facts

Fun Casting Facts

The casting process for the Real World and Road Rules shows are can be a very complicated one. Even for the challenges, which have a limit pool of people to choose from, casting can be difficult. Here are some fun facts about the casting process…

1. Derrick, Katie, Robin and Paula have appeared on the most challenges with 9. While Derrick and Katie were the firsts to reach this milestone, Paula reached it the quickest.

2. Veronica has done the most consecutive challenges with 6 in a row (Battle of the Seasons – Inferno 2). Derrick ties her with six consecutive challenges (Battle of the Sexes 2- Inferno 3)

3. Veronica also has the longest gap between challenges skipping 7 between The Inferno 2 and The Ruins.

4. CT is the only person to be kicked off 2 challenges.

5. While many people have voluntarily left challenges or been kicked off challenges there have only been 6 replacements seen on challenges. Susie replaced Ayanna on The Extreme Challenge. Dan (Miami) replaced Puck when he quick Battle of the Sexes. Dan had already been on the cast but was eliminated right before Puck left. Derrick replaced CT on The Inferno 3. MJ replaced Tyrie on The Gauntlet 3. MJ & Nehemiah replaced  CT & Adam (Paris) on The Duel 2.

6. MJ is the only person to have been a replacement twice.

7. Piggy (Road Rules Australia) was originally cast on The Inferno. She flew all the way to Mexico but left for “personal reasons.” She was never shown on TV and was quickly replaced by Christena.

8. After Puck left The Real World San Francisco house the remaining roomies got to interview 3 potential roomies. The ultimately picked Jo, but one of the rejects was Mark Long who ended up being cast on the first season of Road Rules.

9. Camila is the only challenger from the Spring Break Challenge to return for another challenge.

10. The first people to be veterans (appear on 3 challenges) were Yes, Veronica, Beth, and Emily.

11. It’s a fairly well known fact that a lot of the Fresh Meat kids auditions for The Real World before being cast as Fresh Meat. However, Sydney and Carley from Fresh Meat 2 auditioned for another BMP show: The Bad Girls Club.


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