Battle of the Exes

Rachel Revolation

Rachel’s decade-long MTV history started in 2002 when she appeared on Road Rules. The then-bisexual teenager was on the Campus Crawl season when the Roadies traveled across the United States to compete on various college campuses. However, her biggest challenge that season was maintaining her relationship with her girlfriend Amy.

Rachel went on the first challenge she possibly could which was the first season of Battle of the Sexes. It was on this season that she met her Exes partner Aneesa.

She did 4 challenges really quickly and then took a 5 challenge break before returning to The Island in 2008.


Here are some of the ways that Rachel has changed:

-On Battle of the Sexes Veronica called her “what’s her face.” On their next challenge, The Gauntlet, they were best friends.

-After Battle of the Sexes 2 Rachel launched a line of t-shirts with Veronica. Now the personal trainer is rarely seen not showing off her abs.

-On The Inferno 2 Rachel was part of the Mean Girls trio with Tina and Veronica. On The Island she got voted out very quickly because she had no friends.

-On Road Rules she had a girlfriend back home. After Battle of the Sexes she hooked up with Aneesa. On The Duel 2 she was hooking up with Jenn.

-On Battle of the Sexes Rachel thought she was going to be voted off first. On The Duel 2 she won the final and never went into an elimination round.

-On Battle of the Sexes there were 18 Road Rulers. On Battle of the Exes there’s only 3.

-On both Battle of the Sexes season Rachel uttered this line after getting voted off…”This game is UGLY. The inner circle is UGLY.”

-Rachel voted for her fellow Roadie Sarah to be voted off of the RV during their season. On The Gauntlet Rachel played a part of voting Sarah into 5 eliminations, but Sarah never went home.

-Rachel’s long hair has now turned into this:


  1. I love Rachel! But I really missed her long hair! I loved her in Battle of the Sexes 2; loved her hair.

    I hope she does well in Exes, but I know she’ll soon be eliminated… She’s strong and so is Aneesa, but come on, most of this challenges are for strong and big men like CT or Mark. Too bad!

    1. That might be true, but keep this in mind: they will never put her in elimination round where she has to put her hands on a guy. That would be too unfair. Even if she loses challenges I think she has a strong chance of redeeming herself in the elimination rounds.

      Plus the challenges haven’t been too hard thus far. I mean trivia and honey removal? She could have won!

  2. You’re right about elimination rounds, but in the case of the challenges, they haven’t been too hard, but Hook up didn’t seem especially easy for Rachel considering the strenght required. But the next one doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very difficult for the girls. I just think it’s way easier for the guys (I even think they had certain advantage in the honey removal one, since they’re “bigger” = more honey).

    But I do hope to see more of them in Exes. I just don’t have a very good feeling, haha, I think next week it will be either Aneesa and Rachel or Abram and Cara Maria.

    By the way, sorry for my english!

    1. Don’t apologize for you’re English. It’s very clear.

      I agree about the Hook Up challenge, that is a good point. I think that we will be seeing more of Rachel & Aneesa is upcoming episodes. They’ve made themselves targets for Johnny and Camila.

      I like the challenges we’ve been seeing this season. They’re less intense than past seasons’ challenges but still fun to watch. I also this it’s interesting to watch Rachel and Aneesa compete because unlike many of the females on the cast they can’t let the guy be the leader of the team.

      I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of having an all girls team but I think they’re making it fairly equal up until this point.

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