Will CT & Diem Get Back Together?

So here’s the question for tonight’s episode: will CT & Diem be an item once again?

Diem has one thing on her mind right now: her career. But she seems like she’s the only one that is able to tame the beast known as CT. After The Duel 2 they haven’t talked in years, but now that they are back together in the Dominican Republic there may be a reunion (and Jasmine wants to see it).

Here’s my opinion: CT shouldn’t take her back. He was there for Diem when she was at her worst and Diem couldn’t be there for CT when he needed her. She may show feeling for him while they’re on the show, but she will put her career first once they get back home. If they’re going to get back together then it should happen off camera when she’s ready to commit herself.


3 thoughts on “Will CT & Diem Get Back Together?

  1. These 2 shud give it another try..I think she can tame the beast n live happliy everafter..forget all the bs from the past..it means nothn..the fact that u can tell they truly luv eachother is all that shud matter..luv is all there is n the past is gone..give it another shot..u 2 r meant to b. Together n have the prettiest babies ever

    • Give it another shot..don’t bring up the past..when u watch the show u can c how much he cares for..I thought from day 1 when they hoooked up that it wud last foreva n I hope it does cuz there is true luv there

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