10 Of The Toughest Challenges Ever

Last week we saw the Battle of the Exes 2 cast compete in a grueling challenge called Don’t Forget About Me that only half of the cast could finish. Many of the people competing said it was the toughest challenge ever, and it certainly had a few people stressing out. Let’s check out some of the other challenges that were overly difficult. This list does … Continue reading 10 Of The Toughest Challenges Ever

Dullest Challenge Seasons

People tune into The Challenge for battles, drama, and competition. While some seasons are packed with action, others are seriously lacking. These are the seasons that didn’t quite meet expectations. In fact, they fell far below them. 5. Battle of the Exes There’s serious potential in putting 13 pairs of exes in a house, but this season didn’t meet expectations. The most notable drama was … Continue reading Dullest Challenge Seasons

The Challenge: Past 10 Seasons Ranked

Long-term Challenge fans have seen all of these seasons. Even some of the newer fans have seen them all. Now that Free Agents if rapidly approaching, it seemed like a good idea to rank the past ten seasons. Starting with The Gauntlet 3, these are the seasons that have had hour-long episodes. Also, it was really around this time that the dynamic of The Challenge … Continue reading The Challenge: Past 10 Seasons Ranked

10 Real World & Challenge Gifs To Hold You Over Until The Real World Returns

Everyone likes a good GIF, and with the The Real World on hiatus for a week, we need a little entertainment to hold us over. So let me tell you the 10-Step process of dealing with a week without Real World Explosion… in GIF form. Warning: GIFs can load slowly. So if this posts takes a minute to load, well, that’s life. So it’s Wednesday … Continue reading 10 Real World & Challenge Gifs To Hold You Over Until The Real World Returns

Should The Real World Get Ex-ploded?

So I posted the twist for the upcoming “Real World:Ex-Plosion” season a couple of days ago, and I’d like to share my initial reaction to this change with everyone who reads this blog. As a long time viewer of the show, it’s obvious that the past few seasons have been under performing. For a show that has been on for 28 season it should be … Continue reading Should The Real World Get Ex-ploded?

The Worst Final Challenges

Throughout all of the challenges, we’ve seen so great final challenges as well as some terrible ones. Today I am going to recap the first worst final challenges ever. Feel free to disagree with me, but I have seen every final challenge so I am able to compare them. I’m not including the final challenges from non-elimination based seasons. They were more like regular missions … Continue reading The Worst Final Challenges

2012- A Year in a Post

In 2012 the RW/RR/Challenge franchise saw some ups and downs. Ultimately these produced some great TV moments, and some terrible ones. Let’s review some of the good, bad and sad things that happened in 2012. THE GOOD Battle of the Exes premiered in January, starting off a successful challenge season. Thirteen pairs of exes reunited in the Dominican Republic to face off against each other. … Continue reading 2012- A Year in a Post