Is Camila Crazy?

For anyone’s that been watching the challenges for the past couple of years, Camila seemed to have appeared out of the blue. She’s the only Spring Break challenger to have appeared on a second challenge (and then a third, and then a fourth). On every challenge she’s been on she has had a freak out, but none bigger than the one on Friday night’s episode.

On The Spring Break Challenge she had to eat some spicy peppers and then demanded medical attention. While that seems to be an extreme reaction, I’d view this as a forgivable offense and would not label her as crazy. I know that I wouldn’t handle spicy food well.

On Cutthroat she was not appreciated by her team. From what I’ve gather she tended to cling to Johnny when she was drunk and said she’d marry him. However, her major freak out on that season occurred after she cast a vote for Brad to go into the Gulag. I do not view her as crazy for this because it was really Tori that blew this incident out of proportion.

On Rivals we saw her craziness start to surface, but after all, she was dealing with Jasmine who has proven herself to be crazy. But allowing yourself to stay deal with craziness is part of being crazy. Most people would have seen that Jasmine and Jonna were off their rockers because they flipped out at Camila for mixing their names up. Then, after being voted into the Jungle, her partner Theresa decided to pretend that they were not going to complete in the Jungle, but this was just a plan so psycho out their opponents. Camila went along with this plan, which didn’t work and she got sent home.

And then, on this week’s episode, when Johnny wasn’t spending time with her. She went to sleep in his bed, but Johnny wanted her to leave. After being rejected by Johnny she flipped out, threw a chair, jumped into the pool, and told Johnny he was going to die. Does this make her crazy? Yes. Absolutely.

So overall, is Camila crazy? I’d say yes. The biggest reason is because she hasn’t learned from her past blunders and she is getting progressively worse. Perhaps if we took alcohol out of the equation then she’d be a little more sane. But for now, I am labeling her as crazy.


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