Road Rules

Remember Him? YES!

Anyone remember Yes Duffy? If you’ve been watching these shows for over 8 years you just might. He first appeared on 1999’s season of Road Rules (Semester at Sea), and then appeared on 3 challenges. Back on Challenge 2000, when the public could view the challenges, he was a fan favorite. The last time we saw him was 2003’s Battle of the Sexes so it’s been a long since we’ve last seen him. What is he up to now?

If you remember Yes at all, he was a graffiti artist. He now works as an architect in California, but that’s not all he does. He also travels to different universities around the nation to discuss the effects of tobacco use. However, he does this through different works of art so he is able to continue his passion of graffiti. Glad to here he’s doing well!


  1. Yes I do. He was extremely sweet and extremely intelligent and handsome. I was wondering if anyone knows what his cultural background is. Not to be offensive. Just always wondered because I’m Asian(mostly) African, Middle-Eastern and Native-American. I see Asian in Yes(possibly Korean or Chinese) and I some European blood perhaps. I know he’s an Architect and an Architectural Instructor at his Alma Mater UC Berkley. I’m really glad for him that he was able to successfully accomplish what he loves! 🙂

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