Battle of the Exes

Black Face Wedding

The advertisement for last night’s episode of exes claimed that there was an incident that was “so shocking” it couldn’t be shown in the preview. What did the incident turn out to be? Well, Emily and Camila decided to dress up as Ty and Paula to mock them. Emily, who was playing Ty, lacked the black skin that Ty has. So she allowed Camila to smear chocolate on her face so she’d look like Ty.

Black face. Yes, it happened.

Should Emily be forgiven?

Well, Mark does raise the point that Emily was very, very sheltered growing up. She claimed that she didn’t realize that racial connotations behind the act of wearing black face. To be honest, I didn’t know until my late teens, but I could tell you that smearing chocolate on my face to imitate a black person would be offensive. However, Ty does enjoy pushing boundaries. I’m not saying this justifies Emily’s actions, but he is not a role model of politically correct behavior.

Although this was never explicitly stated on the episode, Camila also powered her face so she could look like Paula. I’m not saying this is racist act, but it does show that intention of her joke with Emily was not to mock any race but rather to mock Paula & Ty.

Then, after realizing what she did, Emily is visibly upset. I know that everyone on the cast has gotten drunk and let a prank get out of hand. I feel that Emily did fuck up, but she learned something. It must be difficult to have  teammate like Ty, so being able to take his foolish acts lightly is a must. For this reason, I understand why Emily would want to make fun of Ty. Additionally, Camila encourage Emily to put the chocolate on her face. Camila is equally at fault in my eyes.

At the end of the day, I forgive them both. Emily’s intentions were to hurt no one. If anyone should take offense to the act it should be Paula and Ty. It’s wrong to view Emily as a racist considering her sheltered upbringing and her clear remorse for pulling the prank. Both her and Ty are working on moving past this incident, and I still support Emily.

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