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Most Memorable Elimination Rounds

Elimination rounds have become a staple to the challenges. There was a time when the elimination rounds weren’t guaranteed, and on the first challenges no one even got eliminated. On shows like Battle of the Sexes or Battle of the Seasons people did get eliminated, but they had no chance of redeeming themselves. I like the elimination rounds, and so do other reality shows (cough Redemption Island cough). Here are some of the elimination rounds that were the best to watch.

Sarah vs. Irulan (The Gauntlet)

Sarah went into 5 Gauntlets on this season, but her 5th and final one was the most intense. She competed in the endurance-based challenge “Dead Man’s Drop” and she dangled upside down for as long as they could. Sarah hurt herself on that day’s challenge by falling down a mountain, and it began raining prior to the challenge. Still, she had to compete, and after 45 long minutes Irulan fell. The Road Rules team rejoiced, and the Real Worlders took offense to their happiness because Irulan was gone.

Beth vs. Ruthie (The Gauntlet 2)

On The Gauntlet 2, Beth was voted to compete against captain Ruthie. While Ruthie was a strong competitor, she lost to Beth in Reverse Tug of War. Maybe it’s because Beth weighed a little more, maybe it was just Beth’s determination, but she ended up with the win shocking her team and leaving them in fear because Beth was the new team captain.

Beth vs. Svetlana (The Duel)

This Duel is the most controversial elimination round to date. Svetlana decided to stab her ally Beth in the back and then they competed in the Push Me Duel. Although Beth was able to get the flag first, she accidental ripped it off the clip because Svetlana was shaking the pole. After a long deliberation, producers decided that Beth’s ripping the flag was enough to disqualify her.

Brad vs. CT (The Duel)

CT faced Brad in Push Me, the same Duel that Beth and Svetlana competed it. CT made it to the flag with ease, but once he got there Brad continued to shake the pole and like Beth, CT ripped the flag. CT got disqualified and he got fired up and called out Wes who was happy to see him go.

Beth vs. Coral (The Gauntlet 3)

Hailed at the match of the century, Beth faced Coral in the Ball Brawl Gauntlet. Although the two of them got along, it was excited to see two of the challenge’s biggest divas face off, and Coral ended up with a victory.

Brad vs. Landon (The Duel 2)

Nobody wants to go into the final elimination round of the season, so when Landon saw Brad in the final Duel we knew a fight was going down. The Back Off Duel required players to grab a ring off of their opponent’s back and clip it onto a second ring. Although Landon grabbed his ring first, Brad thought on his feet and swung the second ring giving him enough time to pull off a victory.

Cohutta vs. Wes (The Ruins)

Prior to The Ruins, Wes had never lost an elimination. After being voted into the Ruins again and again, he faced Cohutta in the game Spool where competitors had to untie ropes from bamboo shoots. Maybe Cohutta’s cowboy background helped him, but he was the first person to ever defeat Wes in an elimination round.

Landon & Carley vs. Evelyn & Luke (Fresh Meat 2)

Evelyn and Luke crossed the finish line first, but because Landon and Carley solved a puzzle that they couldn’t they won. The Black Out Edition of Weight for Me turned out to be too grueling for Carley, and she couldn’t see straight by the end. Fortunately, she won the Exile and she won the whole challenge because her partner Landon was so great.

Johnny vs. Tyler vs. CT (Cutthroat)

On Cutthroat, Johnny and Tyler expected to face each other in the Back Up Off Me Gulag. Instead, they both had to face CT. Whoever could prevent CT from knocking over his barrell longer was the winner. Johnny made one mistake, and CT quickly wore his custom made Johnny Bananas backpack to the finish line.

Jasmine & Jonna vs. Sarah & Katelynn (Rivals)

On Rivals, Sarah & Katelynn faced Jasmine & Jonna. Katelynn and Jonna were taken from the house early, and when Sarah and Jasmine arrived they discovered that their partners had been buried alive in the Unburied Jungle challenge. Even though Sarah & Katelynn boasted that they were good at puzzles, they lost to newbies Jasmine & Jonna.


  1. How is C.T. and Jjohnny not the first?! I agree that the Sarah battle was awesome, but not better than the “king of challenges” getting picked up and dragged haha.

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