Are the Final Challenges Too Intense?

Another episode, another cliffhanger ending…ARG!  At least we got to see the start of the final challenge, which has a viking theme by the way.

Seriously MTV, VIKINGS?? That has nothing to do with the Battle of the Exes theme. To be honest, when I first saw the preview for this season I thought Race to the Alter was going to be the final challenge, guess not.

Instead, the cast was flown to Iceland for a frozen final. Much like Rivals, it’s an overnight challenge. It’s becoming clear to me that the finals are too intense now. People like Emily, CT & Johnny will be able to finish because they’re the true athletes. But people like Katie or Johanna (who have won challenges) would have no chance. I don’t see the point of having a final that is so difficult that half of the cast would be unable to finish.

Not only is running 15 miles uphill in the freezing cold difficult, but it’s not particularly fun to watch. I miss the fun finals that they used to have. The ones where most of the time was spent at the check points, not running to the check points. I also think that the final should fit the theme of the challenge in some way.

You would think that after Eric collapsed during a final producers would take a hint that they are getting too hard (although I don’t think that The Gauntlet 3 final was unreasonably difficult). Instead, they’re getting too tough and I think that the quality is going down.

That funny thing is that I thought the challenges this season were great- better than last season’s- up until this point.


  1. I think with all the money MTV has, they need to put more effort into the elimination challenges, like the dome. I mean to keep replaying the same ones over and over again you can expect to see that on a low-budget station, but i expect more from MTV.

    1. It made sense to have the same ones in older seasons. For example, contestants chose Gauntlets and Duels randomly. This mean the elimination round wasn’t set up for one person to win. The on Fresh Meat, you gained an advantage from winning an Exile.

      One a challenge like Battle of the Exes, I agree with you 100%. It’s not like anyone picked a specific Dome. Producers just chose a Dome to do.

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