Battle of the Exes Fun Facts


Here are some fun facts about the possibility of various people on Battle of the Exes winning this challenge. Challenges are becoming harder to win, so there are different achievements that will occur if the different people win this season.

If CT wins he will tie Paula for the most appearances before winning a challenge.

If Diem wins she will have won the sixth challenge she appeared on, the same as her Fresh Meat partner Derrick.

If Johnny wins he will tie Darrell for the most challenge victories.

If Camila wins she will be the first person to win a challenge that did not appear on Real World, Road Rules, or Fresh Meat.

If Emily wins, she will be the first rookie to win since the entire rookie team won The Gauntlet 3.

If Ty wins he will be the first black male to win since Nehemiah won on the Gauntlet 3.

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