Will Robin Ever Win?

The Real World’s Robin joins a small group of competitors that have competed on 9 challenges so far. In this group, she is the only person to have never won a challenge. Now that she has a child, winning a challenge has become more important than it was in the past. The fact it, she isn’t just playing for herself.

So far, Robin has made it to the end of 3 challenges. She picked the wrong challenges to do well in. Although she made it to the end of The Gauntlet 3 and The Island, she took home $0. On The Gauntlet 2, she took home about $9,000 which is a pretty small sum of money when compared to other challenges. If she came in 3rd on Battle of the Exes (winning $20,000) she would have more than doubled her cumulative challenge earnings.

Robin claims that her biggest weakness is the elimination rounds, and I would have to agree. She’s competed in a total of 6 eliminations, but only won one of them…again Fresh Meat’s Casey. However, I think that she has been doing well on the challenges. There are seasons where she has performed poorly, but Battle of the Exes was not one of them. Unlike other girls, she will compete when there are heights involved, and she’ll jump into water, and she’ll climb ropes. She might not be great at it, but she doesn’t let her fears stop her.

What she really needs to learn to fight, both in and out of the eliminations. Robin prides herself on being a loyal player, and I agree. She doesn’t throw her friends under the bus. But you don’t have to throw your friends under the bus to save yourself. She needs to be willing to make deals with new people in order to ensure her safety. She seemed to be willing to do that when she was in a position of power, but Mark’s wants dominated hers. However, when her ass was on the line she seemed less willing to make deals.

She also needs to prepare herself for eliminations. She can’t expect to never see an elimination, and I know she can perform better than she does. The fact that she can’t compose herself when she goes in is her biggest flaw.

Here’s how Robin can improve her performance: work on her weaknesses. It seems like the same things cause her to lose time and time again.

Also, she needs to have fun! Mark said the she seems to only be on the shows for the money. The money is nice, but these shows also provide great experiences to travel the world and have fun. I wouldn’t recommend partying like this ever night in real life, but it’s a good way to make friends in the game and to enjoy your time on the show.

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