Battle of the Exes

Who’s a Good Guy? Who’s a Bad Ass?

Back in the day, The Inferno challenges used to divide the teams up by who was a good guy and who was a bad ass. Looking at the Exes cast, we have a bunch people people that could fit into these categories.

Bad Asses

CT– even though he’s been better this season, he’s usually the first to throw a punch. He no stranger to fighting, and doesn’t like to sit on the sidelines.

Ty- he enjoys fighting for the sake of fighting. Even though she showed his loving side this season, he’s far from being good.

Johnny– although Johnny was a good guy on The Inferno 3, I think he’s jumped ships. He’s frequently caught up in scandals and he isn’t afraid to make controversial moves in the game.

Wes– Wes is another one the fights for the sake of fighting. He doesn’t make a lot of friends in the game, and for a reason.

Abe– Anyone that’s been booted from two shows should be on this list. When Abe gets mad, watch out.

Vinny– After taking off Mandi’s top, it’s clear that she doesn’t care about the rules. He does what he wants and screams as loud as he wants.

Tyrie– For Tyrie, being a bad ass means being bad at the competitions.

Camila– Camila is off her rocker at times. She’s loud, crazy, and not really a “good girl.”

Rachel– Rachel has gotten better, but back in the day he was a “Mean Girl” with her friends Tina and Veronica. Even now she doesn’t shy away from controversy.

Aneesa– Aneesa has friends on the show, but she will fight when she needs to. If she doesn’t get along with someone, it will be known.

Mandi– Mandi is a heartbreaker. Wes. Then Chet. Then CT. Then Wes again. And then Wes, once more.

Jasmine– She’s fiesty and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. She needs someone to keep her calm. If not, watch out.

Mark– Mark is one of he nice guys out there. He’s loyal to friends and is patient with others.

Dunbar– Dummy bear means well. He never goes looking for problems.

Leroy– Leroy was nice to his partners both this season and last, and that’s saying something because both sucked.

Dustin- After all he’s been through, Dustin is committed to Heather and he works through issues.

Nate- Even though his time here was short, he gave it a good shot and avoided any problems.

Emily– Emily works to keep Ty calm. Anyone with enough patience for him has to be good.

Diem– Diem has a charity to help cancer patients…

Sarah– She comes on these shows just to compete. She tries not to get involved in the drama and just wants to win.

Robin– She might be emotional, but Robin is loyal to her friends and is competing for her child.

Paula– Paula remains a good girl. She’s had her ups and downs, but she’s really improved since her days on The Real World.

Cara Maria– Cara Maria is a little different, but she’s a lover, not a fighter.

Priscilla- She’s not the best competitor, but she a sweet girl and is more mature than a lot of the older people on the shows.


  1. I don’t think Mandi should be on the badass list, because she didn’t “break” anyone’s heart but Wes’. Nor has she really been in drama, except for the Jenn “fight.”

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