Real World Real World Las Vegas 2

2011’s Vegas…Reunited?

Twitter is buzz with a rumor, that 2011’s Las Vegas cast got an email about a second season together. This wouldn’t be the first time a Real World cast was reunited. In 2007 MTV reunited the original Vegas cast.

This is not an april fools joke..i will post the email we all got from —> @mtv Real World Las Vegas Season 2

Real world Las Vegas Season 2… @AdamRoyerMTV u better not get sent home again lol

Ahhh yay! They are making a second season of real world Vegas:) I get to see @NanyMTV @heathermarter @dustinzito @RoyLee25 @NaomiMTV again!!

Retweeted by Roylee

Roylee  Roylee @RoyLee25 
"@dustinzito: RealWorld Vegas Round2 #OhLessDooIt all 8 in one house back to Vegas we go!!!" Gunna be a shit show..

So is this a real claim? I guess time will tell. Leroy claims that it’s not an April Fool’s joke (in his tweet), but if he did receive an email it would be unlikely that he’d just post the news for the public to see as soon as he got it.

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