Should Johnny Be On the Next Challenge?

Johnny has done well on the past couple of challenges. Really well. To the point that he’s almost perfected the art of playing these games.

Next season’s theme is still up in the air. Very little info. has come out about the challenge, but if you look at the recent challenge themes they involve few people winning. So should Johnny not be welcome back for the next one so someone else can win?

Whether you ate him or love him, Johnny is always at the center of controversy. He is good TV. But the fact that he has done so well makes me think that he needs a break. Of course, I do want him to do another challenge in the future, but I think that some time off would be beneficial to the other challengers.

7 thoughts on “Should Johnny Be On the Next Challenge?

  1. Johnny is a great competitor BUT MTV is going to bore us with the same cast members. I think they need to bring back some of the old school vets. Coral, Miz, Theo, Alton, and of course CT should be back on every challenge. They should also throw in some newbies to spice it up as well. But I’m sick of seeing J.E.K.

    1. I want to old school vets too! But I’d be nervous that they’d have a bad experience with the JEK alliance. They are great at the game, but a lot of the oldies does really well at the challenges and don’t want to deal with the JEK politics.

    2. OMG! SAME! That’s one of the things that made Peeta Peeta in the books! Also, not to nit-pick beaucse the covers look great but in Katniss’ bangs is it just me or does it look a little blonde? BUt totally getting it!! March please come sooner

  2. Because of us? I wish I had that type of power. But Battle of the Seasons was filmed in June, and availability calls went out around the time of this post. MTV usually has a theme in mind prior to selecting the cast.

    A lot of people were complaining that there weren’t enough rookies, but MTV overdid it this season. It was pure rookies and no vets.

  3. zenswimmer wrote:A thought ourcrced to me later: Did anyone think to just ask off-duty policemen, deputies & EMT/firefighters to see if they would perhaps *volunteer* without pay to help out? I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than anyone would think volunteer to help out. Would the city even consider this an acceptable, viable, *NO-COST* alternative? A little ‘out of the box’ would seem to be in order.

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