The Miz

The Miz: From Real Worlder to Wrestling Champ!

  In the past year, we’ve seen a resurgence in the number of appearances that Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Will he be on the next challenge? No. But he has been hosting Aftershows and he hosted the most recent reunion show.

It’s good to see that he has not lost his roots. True, he took a lot of time off from MTV, but he has become an established figure in the WWE world.

Now, I can’t say that I follow wrestling at all. However, I do follow The Real World and the Challenges. So let’s reminisce on his MTV days.

When he was in New York for the The Real World he bought a fake championship belt, now he carries a real one.

On The Real World he started off the season with a rocky relationship with Coral. The two of them later became partners on Battle of the Seasons. The was their first challenge, and they both won.

Mike is notorious for having Challenge relationships. Tara on Battle of the Seasons, Trishelle on The Gauntlet, Kendal on the Inferno, and he also had flings with Jamie & Jodie on The Inferno 2.

Mike’s major “Miz” moment on Battle of the Seasons was when he lost a challenge and a car on his 21st birthday. Luckily, Coral was there to calm him down.

Coral still keeps in touch with Mike, but she still refuses to call him The Miz.

Mike made it to the finals in The Gauntlet and The Inferno but lost.

On The Gauntlet he lost a wrestling match to Abe and Abe earned the nickname “Mini Miz.”

Battle of the Sexes 2 is the only challenge where he was voted off. However, the newbies believed that he stayed longer than he should have just because of his strong relationship with veteran players. The incident played a key role in creating the Rookie v. Veteran concept used in The Gaultet 2 &3.

Mike also won The Inferno 2, his fifth and final challenge.

He competed in every Real World v. Road Rules challenge that had eliminations.

He has never appeared on a challenge without Veronica.

Since his Real World days he has accomplished many of his life goals, one of the most significant was having his own action figure.



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