The Challenge

Old Schoolers That Might Come Back

There are some cast members that have not appeared on a challenge in a while. While some cast members have no interest in doing another show, there are also some that would like to come back. Here are some people that might (and should) come back.

Coral has recently taken to Twitter and Tumblr. While she hasn’t stated that she’s dying to do another show, she also seems to be willing to come back. Her philosophy: never say never.

Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl stated that he’d be willing to do another show. Rumor has it that the producers aren’t happy with him, but c’mon. He’s been off TV for a while. Time to come back.

Trishelle, Coral’s rival on The Gauntlet and The Inferno, has not ruled out the possibility of another challenge either. Would she do a challenge with Coral? Probably not. But with The Miz out of the picture maybe they could put their beef behind them.

Speaking of The Inferno, Mallory from Real World Paris may be willing to do another show. She’s been speaking with Melinda from Austin on Twitter, and both of them seem to be wanting to do another one.

Katie from Road Rules The Quest (and 9 other challenges) might be willing to come back. She is in school now, but if there’s a summer challenge she would be willing to think about it.

Tina from Road Rules South Pacific hasn’t ruled about another challenge. She returned briefly as a heavy hitter on Cutthroat. Unfortunately, producers probably aren’t dying to cast her after she showed up to The Duel and punched Beth in the face.

Speaking of Beth, she hasn’t retired yet. While she is a mommy now, she also hasn’t ruled out doing another challenge if the time was right.

Syrus from The Real World Boston would definitely be up for another challenge! As would Eric from the first Fresh Meat.

Cohutta from The Real World Sydney hasn’t been on a challenge since The Ruins when he eliminated Wes. He’d come back if the challenge fit into his schedule.

It seems unlikely that Brad from San Diego is coming back, but if the circumstances were perfect he’d consider it. Of course, taking care of his son is his #1 priority.

And finally, 3-time winner Derrick would love to come back for another shot at a win!

While it’s very, very, very unlikely that all of these cast members will be on the next challenge, most of them would at least give it some thought. In addition to these people, there are other cast members that we haven’t seen in a while that would like to do another show. Sometimes cast members say that they’re done with the show, but after a few years they have a change of heart. That’s the beauty of having a show last for 23+ seasons!


  1. I just watched the Gauntlet 1 on youtube today. Please do not put Adam L. back on a challenge. He was the MOST annoying

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