Missing: Former Challenge Queen

Anyone that watched the challenges between 2001 and 2003 would remember this girl. Emily Bailey.

She was known for her ruthless game play and she managed to stay one top of the game. She started out on the Extreme challenge where she was best known for her rivalry with Julie. Before Coral was in the picture, Emily was Julie’s rival.

On Battle of the Seasons she stirred the pot by voting off the team right outside of the inner circle. If your want to secure your stop on top, you need to vote off whoever is right below you. Emily had the ball to do that.

On Battle of the Sexes she voted off Rachel and Veronica because she didn’t like their personalities. This controversial vote made the Girl’s team furious at the inner circle.

…then, the men voted off her boyfriend James. When James was voted off, Emily left. Although Emily was in the inner circle throughout  most of the season, she didn’t want to compete if James was not there. She almost definitely would have made it to the end of the season.

She didn’t even show up for the Battle of the Sexes reunion. Rumor has it Veronica was intimate with James prior to Battle of the Sexes.

Now, these fierce competitor has been MIA for 9 years. I doubt she’ll ever come back, but if you know where she is send a message my way!


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