Challengers That Will Not Retire

The beauty about the challenges is that the challengers have the opportunity to comeback multiple times. Those that keep coming back provide the backbone the show and retain the viewers from season to season. Here are some people that need to keep coming back.

CT started his challenge career as the bad boy of the show, but after The Duel his romance with Diem became a central story line. Then, his argument with Adam shook The Duel 2 house. Now, his relationships have become major story line in the recent seasons.

It took her eight seasons, but she finally won. You’d think that after a 5-year struggle winning would be enough. But no! Paula returned for her ninth challenge after she won Rival.

It took Derrick a few tries to finally win a challenge, but he has since won 3. He is made a significant amount of money, and is very active in the challenge community. I’d be shocked if he stopped doing challenges.

Aneesa has been doing challenges for the past decade. She has yet to win, though she has had some opportunities to show that she is a great competitor. I think she will continue to come back until she wins, which maybe be never.

Wes claimed he was retiring after The Duel. Then he came back for The Ruins because he couldn’t resist an environment with his enemies and exes. Then he did Fresh Meat 2…and Rivals…and Battle of the Exes. Although he said he retired, I think he’ll find just about any excuse to come back.


3 thoughts on “Challengers That Will Not Retire

  1. What about Mark from RR season 1. In Duel 2 on the show he said he retired but return in Battle of the ex’s.

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