The Challenge

Is It Time for The Duel 3?

This is what the cast wants, or so it seems. In fact, there are people who claim they will only come back for another Duel. So is it time for the third installment of The Duel?

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the concepts, especially after The Duel 2. That season was way too partner-based for my liking. It wasn’t a true individual challenge. I loved The Duel 1 though, but I think that was just because the cast worked so well together.

In my opinion, I think it’s time for a team-based challenge. Perhaps Cutthroat 2 or The Gauntlet 4. There are a lot of good competitors that are itching to win, but these partner-based challenges (like Rivals and Exes) are not giving them the chance to. The strong people have already won, and if we see The Duel 3 it’s likely that we will just have another repeat winner.

So in my opinion, it’s not time for The Duel 3, as least not yet. But God knows that I will watch the next challenge even if it is The Duel 3.


  1. I think that The Duel 3 should be a like a best of the best challenge. They should get the best 5 male and best 5 female competitors and have them compete in individual challenges. But there should be no eliminations. Let everybody
    compete to the end so that way everybody has an equal opportunity to compete against each other.

  2. another ruins will be great as long as they competitive challenger only..
    as they are eager to get the win..
    my challenger will be CT, Ty, Noor, Leroy, Cohutta, Dustin & Adam King for the guys & Laurel, Emily, Diem, Sarah, KellyAnne, Heather & Cara Maria for the girls..

  3. yeah, with the influx of strong competitors that came in from Fresh Meat 2, I think the Challengers are stronger now. And as for Duel 3, I believe they should put people who are the toughest of the tough. And the person who comes in last place should pick there competitor on the spot right after the challenge without the role call. The winners of the challenge should not be immune from being pick to go into the elimination round which would be a lot more interesting. Its inevitable that there will be alliances, but this way the challengers can’t just rely on winning and becoming immune. I feel that this Duel 3 can have tough chicks if you get Rachel, Laurel, Evelyn and Emily all in a challenge together. Pure Beasting. And no JEK for the most part.

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