Does Coral Have What it Takes?

Last time we saw Coral, she quit The Gauntlet 3 because of the politics of the game. She hasn’t been on a challenge since 2008’s Gauntlet 3 (which really filmed in 2007), and a lot changes over the course of five years. Although she used to be the queen bee of the challenges, is she able to hold her own now?

Coral MTV

I think that Coral has a great chance of doing well on a challenge. She’s no dummy, she has been communicating with her old friends and even making some new ones (like Laurel). Plus, she seems to show up to challenges in better physical shape than the last.

She may not be the strong girl on the show, but I think she’s above average. She has won a challenge, and she’s also won a couple of Gauntlets. I can’t guarantee that she’ll win the next challenge (if she’s on it), but I do think she’ll perform well. Like she’s said in the past, losing a Gauntlet isn’t the worst thing in the world. If she goes into the challenge with that attitude, she might just be ready to handle the pressures of the competition.

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