Hello St. Thomas!

It’s official! Real World season 27 is here! Last night we saw the premier of the St. Thomas season.

The episode started out differently than other first episodes do. Rather than being introduced en route to the house, some of the roommates met each other at their houses. Marie went to Robb’s house first, where she immediately because swearing and talking about the ink on her ass. She even swore in from of Robb’s younger sister. Luckily, the duo left shortly after once they were informed that they’d be moving the The Virgin Islands.

Then, Trey picked up LaToya. It’s a good thing that Trey went to her house, because LaToya was busy packing every thong she owned. Once informed that they’d be living in paradise, Trey announces that he has an uneducated question to ask. Fortunately for LaToya, he just wanted to know where The Virgin Island were. For a second there, it looked like things were about to get messy.

Brandon, Swift, and Laura all met on The Virgin Islands. Swift made it a point to tell everyone that Swift is his last name and it’s really one his birth certificated. To be honest, that makes him less cool. He is now compared to other people with the last name swift (coughTaylorcough). Laura then flings a football into the water, and the three of them sail to the house.

Everyone is impressed by the house, as expected. The trio were the first to arrive, only because Marie had to stop at the liquor store. Brandon wastes no time in telling his roommates about his drug problem, which Swift respects. Brandon and Swift decided to room together, but once Robb gets there Swift dumps Brandon and rooms with Robb.

Once everyone has moved in, everyone is impressed by Marie’s collection of alcohol and they get to drinking. Brandon begins to feel like an outsider, so Laura comforts him by sharing her adoption paper work. If nothing else, Brandon now has Laura’s social security number at his disposal. Brandon now feels a connection to Laura, but Laura has another boytoy in mind: Trey.

For the bulk of the episode Trey spends time with Laura, Robb spends time with Marie, Swift insults LaToya, and Brandon tries to get attention by jumping in the pool naked. At the end of the night Brandon confesses his love for Laura to Robb. Although Robb is slightly overwhelmed by Brandon’s instant obsession, he tries to give advice. Trey becomes the topic of conversation, and Trey walks over to the duo as they are talking about him. Brandon does not stop talking about Trey despite his presence, and Trey becomes offended.

Swift also sees a large turd in his toilet. He accuses Brandon, who denies taking the poop. Then Marie accepts the blame, although she doesn’t recall taking the shit. Later, Laura confesses to Trey that she took the poop and didn’t flush because she loves poop.

The episode ends with Brandon talking to Trey and writing a few quick suicidal notes in his journal.


3 thoughts on “Hello St. Thomas!

  1. Laura you can poop in my toilet everyday cuz i love da stinky poo too ! The BIGGER the better. Oh to see that load !!!!

    • I agree with TheVirtualObservist. I have been doing these Pilates Core Exercises, and they are, I must say, truly great! But the only problem I see with these execirses is that your neck be feeling so awkard, stiff and cranky when u get finished. Is there anything u can do to help your neck out? I would like to ask the lady that demonstrated the execirses, Sarah, was your neck hurting after doing the Pilates? Thanks for your response!

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