St. Thomas: Pre-Season Thoughts

After watching commercial and previews, I’m going to take a stab at what I think we’ll be seeing this season. Who will fall into what categories, and who I think I’ll like.

Let’s Go…


I think Brandon will be the outsider of the group. Just looking at him you can tell he will have an interesting personality, I think he will have a harder time meshing with the group. I think he will find his one close friend in the cast, but otherwise I think he will be the most distant of the group.


Loud and funny. However, I don’t think she will be involved in the major drama of the season. She’ll provide some funny commentary, but I don’t think she’ll be doing a lot of fighting with other housemates.


He’s the male eye candy of the season, and I think that someone will be falling for him, especially in the early episodes. Initially I think he’ll play a central role in the season. Later on, I think he will either be in a relationship with someone- and therefore distant from the rest of the cast, or have a failed relationship that creates awkward tension.


I honestly think she’s going to be the one that gets the least attention. While I think she is going to be a partyer, I also think that she won’t be involved in much drama.


Everyone’s best friend. He’ll be fun, but he won’t be the center of the house drama. However, his roommates will run to him for advice or to be consoled. Other than this he will be fun.


It’s pretty obvious that Laura will be the girl of the season. She’s going to have a crush on someone, and she’s going to be outspoken. I think she’ll be the center of some drama, and she’ll be the girl that the guys like to hang out with.


COCKY. He’ll probably get in some arguments and he’ll be the first to make a move. If he has something to say, he’ll say it. If he likes someone, he’ll show it. If he hates someone, they’ll know.

These are really just guesses, but I’m going to be watching to see if I’m right.

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