Real World Road Rules

Real Worlders and Road Rulers featured in Real Stars Where Are They Now?

Right now there’s a magazine out named Real Stars: Where Are They Now? I’m not sure which company published it, but I saw it at Barnes and Noble today.

I’m going to give a quick summary of what I saw in the magazine. I’m relying 100% on memory right now, so I might be slightly wrong.

Basically, the magazine featured the A,B,C”s of reality TV.

A was for apologize, which talked about Emily & Ty’s blackface incident from Battle of the Exes.

B was for booted, which featured Dave Edwards from Real World: Los Angeles.

H was for hotties, which featured Mallory from Real World Paris and Jamie from Real World San Diego.

J was for jail, which talked about Abe’s visit to the slammer.

O was for ouch (I think), which featured Andrew’s fall from the Real World DC.

P was for party, which featured Paula as a party girl!

Q was for quotes. CT had a quote from Rivals and Blair had a quote from Battle of the Sexes.

R was for Road Rules, which featured an interview with Jake from Road Rules Islands.

T was for tragedy, which featured Frankie from Real World San Diego and Pedro from Real World San Francisco.

V was for villain, which featured the Real World’s original villain: Puck.

W was for wrestling, which featured an interview with The Miz.

Also, Tonya was in there, but I forget under which letter. The magazine discussed her appearance in Playboy.

The saddest mention was C for Celebrity Rehab. Joey Kovar was featured in the magazine, but the magazine must have been published before he passed away because his blurb said he was doing well. Unfortunately, we know what he was not.

The magazine covers many, many more TV shows. I tried to find this magazine online, but I could not. If anyone knows the title of it, or has a link to it, please comment or tweet me!!



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