Real World Road Rules The Challenge

The Biggest Scandals

When The Real World began, life was uncertain after the show. Cast members didn’t know if they would remain relevant in the public eye, and while the cast members did lose their relevancy after the show, there are some scandals that kept us talking about them. We’re not talking about indents that happened on camera. Rather, we’re focusing on the ones that happened off.

Rachel Campos-Duffy’s Car Accident

Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy MTV

For starters we’re doing to go waaaaaay back to 1996. During the filming of the Miami Real World season, Rachel Campos and her fiance were in a fatal car accident. Her fiance, a Real World producer, was killed in the wreck. Rachel was injured, and had to have pins put in her leg. The Real World Miami cast had production halted when news broke, but the season continued on. Later, Rachel would appear on Road Rules All Stars where her injuries would hinder her during missions and where she met her current husband Sean Duffy from Real World Boston.

Kendal Sheppard’s Baby Daddy

Kendal Sheppard first appeared on 2002’s Road Rules Campus Crawl. In 2007 she gave birth to her son. On his first birthday, which was also Father’s Day in 2008, she took to her Myspace to publicly shame her baby daddy for not supporting his son. Who was the daddy? Josh Henderson, known for his role in Desperate Housewives. I don’t know if he began to support his son more after this incident, but it definitely made Kendal relevant again.

Puck’s Domestic Abuse Allegations

It’s no surprise to see Puck on this list. So far this decade, Puck has been in the news twice for arrests. In 2010, he crashed his car injuring both himself and his son. He was intoxicated at the time, though Puck justified this by saying he had two shots of Jack while he ate a sandwich. In 2011 he was arrested on suspicions of harming his girlfriend. I can’t help but think of the commented that David E. made to Puck during Battle of the Sexes that lead to puck spitting on him.

Real Word San Diego’s Rape Allegations

Real World San Diego cast

During the Real World San Diego season, a house guest claimed that she was raped while in the house. She woke up in the house after a night of partying, and filed a charged with the local police. While neither the woman nor the suspected rapist were part of the cast, police wanted footage and to inspect the house. Ultimately, over a month’s worth of footage was left out of the season. This explains why Charlie was barely seen in the season even though he spent nearly the same amount of time in the house as Frankie.

The Dark Cloud Over The Ruins

Tonya Cooley

Of course, there is also the claims filed by Tonya Cooley, who claims that she was sexually assaulted during The Ruins by two fellow cast mates, though very little progress has been made in the case.

Abe’s Arrest

And there’s Abe’s charming arrest. In 2011 he exposed himself to a police officer who sent him to the drunk tank. While there, he managed to cover one prison cell with his own pee and another with his own crap.

There are a slew of other arrests on cast members. Many are alcohol related and include sexually assaulting a horse. I’ll let you guess who did that.

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