Why Real Worlders Leave

This past week we saw Brandon leave the St. Thomas house. Every so often we see a roommate leave the house before filming has ended. Let’s look back at all of the roomies that have left, and the reasons for leaving.


While Ruthie wasn’t completely evicted from the Real World Hawaii house, she did leave for a while to go to a rehab center because production told her that she would be evicted if she didn’t go. The main reason she was presented with this ultimatum is because she drove home from a bar while drunk. Ruthie did return for the end of the season after she completed her treatment.

Brandon was evicted this past week after traces of cocaine were found his drug test.

During the Real World Hollywood, Joey left the house to attend rehab and address his drug and alcohol abuse. He chose not to return after his treatment to avoid the temptations that would be presented to him while living in the house.


Dave Edwards from the Los Angeles cast likes to boast that he was the first person ever kicked off reality TV. The reason? He forcefully removed Tami’s blanket while she was on the phone. Tami claimed she was naked underneath, but David continued to pull. His other roommate Beth said that he should leave the house for this, and he did!

On the Real World Sydney, Trisha shoved Parisa while the two were arguing over the phone. Typical girl fight. Parisa had the option to keep Trisha or send her home, and she chose to send her roomie packing.


Casting for the Real World was different in 1993 than it is now. Producers chose to cast Irene despite the fact that she was planning a wedding. Half way through the season she got married and moved in with her husband.

Frankie had a lot of relationship and personal struggles while in the San Diego house. After visits from her boyfriend and family, she chose that going home would be best for her. She returned home dressed as a dead Juliette so she could return home and what her boyfriend’s band play. Her boyfriend was dressed as a dead Romeo.

While Irene had a fiance in the house, Shauvon had recently broken up with her fiance before entering the Sydney house. She returned home in hope of saving the relationship. She didn’t.


Melissa left the Miami house after fights with her roommates. No big deal though, she was from Miami any way.

The rest of the Hawaii cast was all inferior to Justin, or at least he thought. He never really got along with any of them, and then he decided to leave. While the cast was accepting of his homosexuality, they claimed that he was the first heterophobe they had ever met.

Most recently Erika left the Real World DC house because she was having career struggles and personal struggles. Plus, she didn’t have many friends in the house.


Puck got on everyone’s nerves during the San Francisco season. He smelled, was loud, had disguising mannerisms, used insulting language, and ate peanut butter with his fingers. Eventually Pedro said that either Puck had to leave or he would, and of course Puck left.

When the cast was in New Orleans in 2010, Ryan got evicted for being extremely odd and rude to his roommates. He accused Knight of stealing pain killers, called the police on Preston, and violated the trust of other roommates. He left toward the end of the season.


Although he remained part of the cast, Bronne was kicked out of the hotel where the Cancun roommates lived after throwing a fire extinguisher off the balcony. He received housing elsewhere.

After partying too hard, Adam was giving The Real World a bad rep in their Vegas hotel. One night, he trashed all of the frames on the wall of the Real World suite. That was the final straw, and he left.


Montana was fired from her job in Boston because she gave a child a wine sample, but she didn’t leave the house. After that, the rule was instituted that if you were fired from your job, you were fired from The Real World. Greg was the first on that got fired. He didn’t show up to his job in Hollywood at an improv club. He was more interested in modeling, and hated everything else in the w0rld.

Joey was fired from his job in Cancun because he was consistently late or absent without telling his boss. He tried to fix the problem by putting in extra hours, but he then messed up again.


Irene claimed she left the Seattle house because of complications with Lyme Disease, but many people believed she was fed up with her roommates, especially Stephen who slapped her on her way out.


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  1. Oh greg he was so annoying. He literally made it hard to watch .like why was he there when he didn’t want to be invloved in anything or anyone

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