What Battle of the Seasons is Doing Right

Many challenge fans have viewed Battle of the Seasons as a risky move. Many of the expected cast members are MIA and this leaves some uncertainty in my mind. With the challenge less than a week away, we will soon see if this season will be a breath of fresh air or a pile of fresh shit. I’m predicting the former, and here’s why:

Firstly, this is a new format. While this technically isn’t the first time we saw Battle of the Seasons, it was the first time that each represented season has 4 players. On the first Battle of the Seasons, there was an inner circle and scoreboard. This is now replaced with a power season and an elimination round (known as The Arena this time around).

Secondly, this season is perfect for Real World fans. I used to think that RW fans and Challenge fans saw a great deal of overlap, but ratings have shown me that isn’t the case. With 4 players from 7 different season, past RW fans should tune in to see how their favorite group is working together.

Third, we’re going to see new story lines. And if Twitter is any indicator, there will be a lot of them. As much as I liked the past few season, I’m sick of watch CT be the house villain, Wes trying to make silly strategies, and Johnny out-muscling everyone. We need new blood, new interactions, and new fights.

Fourth, the old Las Vegas cast members and the Austin team will attract some old viewers. If MTV wants to attract old school viewers, they can’t be too old school. For example, if producers somehow got a San Francisco team, they’d attract very few fans of the season. However, fans of Real World Austin might not be watching the challenges, but they might not be so detached from MTV that they wouldn’t consider watching this season.

Finally, there will be DRAMA. Some people watch The Challenge for the challenges, and we’re guaranteed those. Others watch for the drama. Sometimes there’s very little drama, but if you’re looking for drama, this season seems ripe.


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