Battle of the Seasons

Allow Them To Reintroduce Themselves…

Looking at the Battle of the Seasons cast, there are 4 people that have been off TV for longer than the rest…Trishelle, Alton, Lacey and Devyn. Let’s take a look at them then and now.





On The Inferno, Trishelle was less than welcomed by her teammates that thought she was dramatic. Since then, she has dabbled in acting and played poker for big money. These poker skills may come in handy, and Trishelle now claims that she loves competition. Hopefully she has what it takes!




Alton last competed on The Inferno 3 where he lead his team to the final mission, but ended up losing. He is known to be a strong competitor, but if you mess with him you’ll find that he had quite the temper.




Lacey last appeared on 2005’s Real World Austin. That was season #16, and St. Thomas is #27. Though it has been a while, she barely looks like she aged a day! She is now a hair stylist, and remains friends with her Austin roommates.




OK, so maybe Devyn hasn’t been off TV for as long as the others. But a lot has happened in the 3 years since Real World Brooklyn has aired! I think she’s better known for dramatic theater and not dramatic fighting, so hopefully she can survive a challenge!

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