Will Knight and Jemmye Get Back Together?

I sometimes feel like I’m watching Battle of the Exes 2, when in fact I’m watching Battle of the Seasons. We have Danny and Melinda, Zach and Ashley, two couples from St. Thomas that may or may not be together, and of course Knight and Jemmye.

If you watched Real World: New Orleans in 2010, you likely fell in love with the duo. Both Knight and Jemmye came onto the season with some baggage, and I admit that I was not expecting to like them. To my surprise, they were not the shitshows of the season and created one of the most likeable couples in Real World history.

Knight was supportive of Jemmye when she opened up about her abusive relationship in the past. If Jemmye fell, he’d help her up. If she got too drunk, he’d put her to bed. I couldn’t help but feel that they are perfect for each other.

After the real world wrapped up, the two remained a couple. Jemmye had a small run-in with the law, and Knight was there by her side…because they got arrested together. What other couple has matching mug shots?

I was excited when I heard that they were on Battle of the Seasons together. Unfortunately, they were not an item during the first episode, and Jemmye revealed that Knight cheated on her prior to coming on the show.

I understand that Jemmye’s upset and it’s easy to understand why. However, Knight is showing remorse for his actions. Admitting you are wrong it always a step in the right direction when addressing an issue, and Knight does have an excuse- he was hammered! Of course, there’s more to this story than we’ll ever see on TV, but I still wish that they were together.

I don’t know for certain whether or not they get back together. Perhaps the real question is whether or not they should get back together…and my answer is YES!


3 thoughts on “Will Knight and Jemmye Get Back Together?

  1. Yess I love this!! I could add so much to this article! I agree 100%. Even though Knight is a dick their chemistry is once in a lifetime kind of stuff. Their first scene *together* on the first ep of BOTS you can totally see their chemistry and you can tell they love each other deeply. Knight the biggest mistake you ever made was cheating on Jem. Stop lowering yourself to what you think a guy should be .. stop looking outside yourself for validation. Jemmye had your back in a way no girl ever will. She believed in you and she knew you better than you know yourself. Jem please forgive him! There is nothing more bad in a bad bitch than a forgiving heart 🙂 Love you two!!

  2. I understand why jemmye is mad. Knight seems like he does things without thinking and dosent feel bad about it. People are blinded by knight . He cares but only when he feels like it. I feel like you should show respect all the time not just when it benefits yourself. He needs to learn to deal with the consequences of his immature behavior. Dont act like a child forever. Life and love are not a joke in my mind jemmye was a gift . Oh and something is telling me idk just a guess that this psychic rosie that jemmye talks to told her to stay away from him. Why else would she not even consider taking him back. Idk maybe im wrong but its a good guess. Anyways i love jemmye and knight but he reminded me of a boyfriend i once had and he looked like knight too and its funny im a leo and i act a lot like jemmye . Thats what sparked my attention to watch the real world in the first place . I know guys like him and he really has to stop being so hot and cold one minute he loves her next hes bashing her. I do know one thing they look like they have a lot of chemistry but knight cant always try to be cool its okay to show some pda on tv. He loved jemmye from the start but he wants everyone to think he bangs every girl left and right my gut tells me he dosent get girls.

    • You’re so right. Thanks for being respectful to me in your reply. I expected people to say I am crazy haha. But yeah you’re right, Jemmye is a gift and his relationship with her and how it played out was and will always be a huge life lesson for him whether or not he learns from it truly at this time. I believe he loves her as much and as best as he can but that is still not a reason to take him back, though I know she forgives him. He should have never did what he did to her, ever. Leos (Jem) are all about loyalty and she gave to him what he couldn’t give to her and that is so sad for Knight. He missed out. He does have redeeming qualities and that is why Jemmye loved him. I feel like he will get better with age, Geminis (Knight) usually do… but they naturally have a lot of growing up to do. I think Jem came into his life to expedite the growing process for him emotionally. I hope he quits trying to get her back, and starts working on what made him lose her in the first place; his carelessness and emotional immaturity. I still love both of them and as anyone can see I’ve spent entirely too much time thinking about this lol.

      P.S. What you said about Jemmye’s psychic is really interesting and totally makes sense!

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