Battle of the Seasons

Top Moments from Episode 2

Last night we saw the second episode of Battle of the Seasons. Since this was a regular-size episode that was only an hour long, we’ll coverthe top 5 moments.
5. Austin Eliminated

Last week team Austin was voted into The Arena because team Cancun (mostly CJ) had a vendetta against Wes. This week team Austin was in The Arena because they lost. Much like last week, the match-up was Fresh Meat vs. Austin, and once again Fresh Meat won.

4. Eric Doesn’t Give a Fuck

Team Fresh Meat was so dysfunctional that they could not pick a male and a female to vote into The Arena. Therefore, Power Season San Diego got to pick the two teammates that would fight team Austin, and Camila and Eric got the vote. Once Eric was voted in, TJ commented that he was two for two in Arena appearances. To this, Eric responded that he doesn’t give a fuck.

Really Eric? It seemed like you cared when you said you deserved a break. It seemed like you cared when you asked San Diego not to vote your season into The Arena in the first place. It seemed like you cared when you tooted you mentioned that you eliminated Wes last week. But I guess I’m wrong.

3. The Rookie Revolution

Frank claims that we are witnessing a rookie revolution. This would have been cool two seasons ago, but veterans couldn’t form a revolution if they tried. Aside from Fresh Meat, every remaining team has multiple rookies. Plus, I can never take any “revolution” seriously when Frank is in charge of it.

2. Alliances are Formed

This week’s challenge had it’s fun moments, but most of it consisted of the allies ensuring each other’s safety. The dominating alliance had: San Diego, Las Vegas, Cancun, and New Orleans. Brooklyn, Fresh Meat, and Austin rallied together to try and make sure St. Thomas came in last, but Laura was able to ensure safety for her team.

1. Knight Confronts Jemmye

While out on the Turkish Town, Knight finally confronted Jemmye. He wants her back, but if she isn’t willing to have him, he wants all ties to be cut off.

Jemmye seemed pretty clear that she wanted nothing to do with Knight, but the two ended up arguing. The argument reminded Melinda of her fights with Danny, so she decided to step in. Though no solutions were met, Melinda demonstrated how philanthropic she was.

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