Do The Veterans Stand a Chance?

Wednesday’s episode of Battle of the Seasons introduced us to an unusual term- “Rookie Revolution.” During a typical challenge season, the rookies take the early flight home. On Battle of the Seasons, 3 veterans have gone home already. Do the veterans stand a chance against these clever rookies? Let’s look at the remaining veterans to see if they are capable to defeating the rookies.

Team Fresh Meat- Eric (5 previous challenges), Cara Maria (4 previous challenges), Camila (3 previous challenges), and Brandon (3 previous challenges) are all veterans. However, this team is as dysfunctional as they come. They have appeared in both Arenas so far, and it’s unlikely that they will be able to change this pattern. It may be in the other veteran’s best interest to allow this cycle to continue. If Fresh Meat keep going in, the other veterans have a greater chance of avoiding elimination.

Team Brooklyn– Sarah (5 previous challenges) and Chet (2 previous challenges) have a veteran status. Chet has never truly gotten a chance to prove himself. He went home early on The Ruins and left Cutthroat for medical reasons. Sarah is no stranger to these challenges, so it’s surprising that she didn’t find a strong alliance from the beginning. If Brooklyn can reach out to other teams then they might have a chance for survival, otherwise they’ll likely leave mid-season.

Team Vegas- Being a mixed team might be an advantage or disadvantage- we’ve yet to find out. Alton (3 previous challenges) and Trishelle (2 previous challenges) are both veterans, but they’ve been away from the challenges for such a long time that they are out of the loop. It seems like Dustin and Nany are doing a good job of making alliances, and Alton certainly has the muscle to perform well in challenges. My guess is that Trishelle and Alton can got far, but not for political reasons. Vegas can probably outperform the other teams.

Team Cancun- Jasmine (2 previous challenges) is the only vet here, and she’s sitting pretty. Cancun is at the core of the house’s most powerful alliance. Jasmine is a pretty good competitor, but not the best. Her strength will help her, but her political game is what will really help her survive the Battle of the Seasons.
Ultimately, I think the veterans are screwed. Unless they get their shit together and form one big alliance, the rookies will take over. Some veterans will go far simply because they’re strong, but other vets will be casualties of a poor social game.



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