Battle of the Seasons

Episode 3- Top Moments

Episode three has come and gone, but it has introduced us to some new plot lines that we may encounter this season. Let’s take a look at this week’s top 5 moments.

5. Fresh Meat Fails

Fresh Meat has had a tough run so far this season. For the third week in a row, their yellow jerseys have been seen in The Arena. Not only did the team disqualify during the mission and come in last place, but they were also unable to pick two people to compete in The Arena. Brandon and Camila got into a screaming match, and Power Team Vegas decided to send Cara Maria and Brandon into The Arena and they lost. Now Eric and Camila are there together- good luck to them! They’ll need it.

4. It’s Not Easy Loving Easy

Eric and Devyn? Are they falling for each other? In the most romantic moment of the season, Eric said that he obviously thought Devyn was “cute and beautiful and all that.” In the most surprising moment of the season, Devyn revealed that she’s into white dudes. Still, I don’t understand why she’d be into Eric. He’s 100% red.

3. Brooklyn’s Victory

Teams San Diego, Cancun, New Orleans, and St. Thomas took a back seat this episode. This week was all about Brooklyn, Vegas, and Fresh Meat. After Power Team Vegas sent Brooklyn into The Arena, Sarah and Chet decided to step up and represent their team. FINALLY, Sarah proved that she was good in puzzles. This is her first victory in an elimination round since The Ruins, and Chet’s first victory ever.

2. The Tattooed Snake

So why was Brooklyn sent into The Arena? Trishelle think Sarah is a snake. Prior to meeting Sarah, she was told that Sarah was manipulative. Now, Sarah is spending too much time with Alton, and she may be a bad influence on Team Vegas. Despite the fact that Alton did not want to send Brooklyn into The Arena, the rest of the team voted Brooklyn in. Trishelle also claimed that Sarah was selfish and would never compete in The Arena when Devyn could have- however, Sarah has the last laugh. She volunteered herself and won.

1. Veteran Romance

Sarah and Alton have started spending time together. Alton says that Sarah is  seems like the one thing that would complete his life- is he thinking of marriage ALREADY??!! Sarah thinks Alton is steaming hot, but she does have a reputation of being a snake. Perhaps she is looking for a strong partner of Battle of the Exes 2.

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