Battle of the Seasons

Should There Have Been a Team Road Rules?

I was listening to Derrick’s most recent podcast and he mentioned that production had contacted him about his availability for this challenge. He also went on to say that Team Road Rules would have consisted of: himself, Katie, Rachel, and Darrell.

My immediate thought was: “WTF MTV?! why exclude them???” HOWEVER, Sarah Rice (who was also on the podcast) mentioned that Team Road Rules would have been unfair. Most of the teams have rookies in them, and all four member of team Road Rules were veterans and champions.

Sarah brings up a good point. I think it makes sense to exclude Team Road Rules for that reason. It’s clear that they’re trying to bring in a new generation of challenges, and this team would dominate.

What do you think? Would this team have been too strong, or should they be included anyway. VOTE!


  1. Hmm, I almost don’t think they would have fit in [in terms of so many newbies]. Although I dislike a lot of these players, I look forward to being surprised by whoever makes the finals. Vets kinda take suspense away.

  2. This makes me mad that they weren’t in it. That would have been an amazing team! That is what this season is missing, vets…..I don’t watch the Real World anymore, but I always watch the Challenge…..and I like to see a handful of new people from time to time….but I love seeing the vets….thank the Lord Alton & Trichelle are there….that Road Rules team would have been great! And in the mean time, they need to renew Road Rules too!

  3. Although I do enjoy the fresh faces, I felt as though its pointless to say that they are all champions would be unfair. I feel that the Fresh Meat team was a not a good team, especially with Camila being Spring Break. Even though this Road Rules team would be a BEAST!!! they are still at a disadvantage given that they would still be on the other side of the alliance. Austin was a weak team and so is Brooklyn despite there 3 elimination wins and 2 challenge wins, I feel that Road Rules would be the only team other than (cancun who is down to two players and Las Vega also down to two players a run for Sand Diego’s money.)

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