Episode 4: Best Moments

Episode 4 was one of the craziest episodes I’ve seen in a long time. There was a lot going on, and a lot to go over. Let’s look at the best things that happened this week:

5. Chet Shows His Strength

During this week’s challenge, the Cancun/NOLA/San Diego alliance successfully devised a plan to send Brooklyn into the Arena. Later in the episode, CJ told Chet that he respects Chet as a competitor. Chet called CJ on that bluff, because CJ is trying to make sure Brooklyn gets an early flight home. Chet stood his ground, and CJ walked away.

4. Knight to the Rescue

Eric and Devyn got into a fight because Devyn wouldn’t tell Eric that largest age difference in one of her past relationships. Luckily, Knight was able to talk to Eric and convince him to forgive Devyn. She didn’t lie to Eric, she just wouldn’t answer. Knight doesn’t want to see him throw away a good thing, because he probably can’t do better.

3. Marie’s a Bad Bitch

Power team Cancun is considering tossing St. Thomas into The Arena because they won’t conform to the alliance. While Trey wasn’t initially on board to make sure Brooklyn placed last in the mission, eventually the team complied. Marie says that she can control her team, so their loyalty shouldn’t be questioned. Cancun isn’t buying it, and they’re still considering throwing St. Thomas into The Arena. Marie stands her ground, and says that if they want to make her their enemy, she’s willing to fight.

2. Crazy Bus

Part of Camila’s nightly ritual includes cussing someone out. On the bus home from the club, she decides to call out Knight and Jemmye. Jemmye is ready to fight, so Knight steps in to try and cool down the situation. It doesn’t work, and the situation escalates into Nany defending Camila and Knight defending Jemmye.

1. Dirty Laundry

Knight takes Nany’s freshly washed laundry and tosses into the pool…as a joke? When Nany sees this, she is angry…as is most of the cast. Because everyone is mad at Knight because of this “joke” he decides to give them a real reason to be mad. So he takes Nany’s suitcase and tosses it into the pool. Nany should be mad, but her teammate Dustin helps her retrieve her laundry and turn “lemons into watermelons.”


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