Episode 5 Ratings: Sinking…FAST

Eric wasn’t the only person to quit Battle of the Seasons this week. It looks like 100,000 people gave up on episode 5 this week. I don’t really understand why. This season is really good!!!!
According to TVByTheNumbers only pulled in 911,000 viewers and scored a rating of 0.6 in the 18-49 demo.

C’mon MTV. Step your game up.


3 thoughts on “Episode 5 Ratings: Sinking…FAST

  1. Yeah, I like this season, but it’s missing the Vets. Vets keep some sort of comfort, imo, as weird as that sounds, because you come back to see them and their antics. IMO Emily, Coral, Veronica, Tonya, Rachel, Julie, Tina, etc were helping move the show in the first decade or so (and I miss them like crazy!) and recently Wes, Kenny, Evan, Paula, Johnny, etc have been the recurring vets that moved the show in the last 8 seasons or so.

    This season had Wes. You had Big Easy, Danny, etc but the big drama makers from past seasons were nowhere to be found. I was so fricken excited to see Trishelle (I hope she makes it to the end!), it was like a flash back to the old days, and I wish more vets from those days would come back, but most of the cast that is getting screen time are rookies, and people need to see some face and personalities of the past to help them feel connected to the show. IMO that’s why the Ruins worked so well….the Veterans girls, for the most part were true Veterans. You had Veronica, Tonya, Suzie, Katie, Ibis, Joanna, & Ev.

    I really hope MTV doesn’t cancel the series / I hope the ratings improve. I would love to see a second season of Cutthroat with Real World vs Road Rules vs Fresh Meat.

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