Battle of the Seasons

5 Moments in Episode 5

This week’s episode featured twists and surprises. Actually, I really enjoyed this episode. Mostly because of the challenge, but also because a lot happened. So let’s take a look at the best moments from episode 5:

5. Trishelle vs. The Doctor

Trishelle claims that she wanted to compete in the challenge. She also says that she woke up feeling sick and was throwing up. After going to the doctor, she was deemed unable to compete because she was too sick. In Turkey her condition is called dehydration. In America we’d call it a hangover.

4. The Challenge Was Good

This week’s challenge involved trivia, which was exciting for two reasons. Firstly, I love trivia. Secondly, everyone answered their own question so there was no way to guarantee that a certain team came in last. In order to win this challenge, competitors had to utilize an unusual part of the body called the brain. Of course, Sarah was excited about this because she loves trivia so much that she includes it on her business card.

The challenge also introduced us to some genius moments. When McKenzie was aksed which country the original Fresh Meat was filmed in she answered “Europe.” When Ashley was asked how many continents the challenge has been filmed on, she answered “21.” Perhaps she spent too much time studying Adele and not enough time studying geography.

3. Alliances are Broken

New Orleans came in last, ensuring a spot in The Arena. Jemmye and Knight wanted to compete against Brooklyn, while Power Team San Diego thought it might be a good time to take a shot at Las Vegas because they are no longer in the NOLA/San Diego/ Cancun alliance. Evently, it was decided that NOLA would compete against Brooklyn in the Arena. Knight and Jemmye decided to send Preston into The Arena alongside this girl McKenzie. I don’t really know her, because she hasn’t been on camera all season, but they lost.

2. EZ Come, EZ Go.

The conclusion to last week’s cliffhanger ending was revealed this week. Eric/Camila vs. JD/Devyn in a mental elimination. While Eric/Camila was doing well, Eric got tired and quit, so JD/Devyn won. Camila was not happy, and TJ made fun of Eric for quitting. So long Big Easy.

1. This is How We Quit in Brazil

Poor Camila. I do feel bad for her. She got sent home because Eric quit. Because she was SO mad, she cussed out Eric, cried, screamed, attempted to finish the elimination round by herself, and then spoke in a thick accent. Ultimately she was unable to keep herself in the game, but everyone know that Camila cannot appear on a TV show without a huge meltdown.

So long Team Fresh Meat!


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