Top Moments in Episode 6

Episode 6 featured a lot of insanity on the field and off the field. Let’s check out the 5 moments that made this episode insane.

5. Boys Will Beat Boys

Alton’s temper tantrums this episode caused a great deal of frustration among the cast. Due to his dislike for certain members of the cast, Alton refused to go on a group outing to the beach, and therefore the rest of the cast couldn’t go (this is a production rule). While Dustin expressed his frustrations to Alton, he defended his teammate to Frank. Of course, Frank could not stay on topic and began shooting low-blows at Dustin by bringing up his past “job.” While Dustin maintained his cool this time, I sense a storm brewing.

4. Fishy Gameplay

To determine the last place team, Brooklyn and St. Thomas had to compete in a fish-slapping contest. Trey defeated Chet, but when girls had to compete St. Thomas had a hard time choosing who to send in. Marie said she was stronger than Laura, so should she compete, but Laura wanted to give it a shot. So the team sends in Laura and she loses to Sarah. St. Thomas came in last and was sent into the Arena, and Marie was PISSED.

3. Insane Gamplay

This week’s challenge was called The Insane Games. Some idiot came up with 6 different events, and the cast had to compete in them in order to become power team. The events included: Pulling a chariot while dressed as a horse, catching eggs in a cone, breaking strings with your ear, fish slapping, and a couple others. The biggest shocker of the week was that New Orleans won despite the fact that they were the only team of 2.

2. Stick and Stone May Break Your Bones. So Can Alton.

While Alton was working on his biceps, Frank was working on his one-liners. He starting making silly comments to Alton and eventually Alton started making petty jabs at Frank. The end result… Frank stands in Alton’s way and Alton rams into him. How exciting!

1. Zach Attack

After power team New Orleans selected Vegas to go into The Arena, Alton confessed that he was ready to go home. However, no girl on the Vegas team wanted to leave. Instead of allowing Alton to throw the elimination round, Dustin volunteered himself to compete with Nany. CJ & Zach confronted Alton because he was not going to prove himself to be the athlete that he claims he is. Of course, Alton defended himself and Zach got so mad that he pulled off Alton’s hat. I really wish Alton tried to pull off Zach’s hair, because I’m dying to know if Zach has a weave in.

BTW…Vegas won in the Arena.


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