Should Alton Punch Frank?

“You wanna crack me? Crack me! Do it. I dare you. I dare you. Hit me.”

Above is a quote from Frank and a picture from Wednesday night’s episode.

We’ve seen it before. People that want to get hit. Not because they’re into S&M or anything like that, but because they want the hitter to go home. In fact we’ve seen a couple of people cave under the pressure. Puck (kind of) on Battle of the Sexes, Tina on The Duel, and Adam on Rivals.

Should someone get sent home for hitting someone when they’ve received an invitation to do so? While violence is against the rules, they do have the other person’s permission. Honestly, the instigator might be just as big of a liability.

In my opinion Alton should have hit Frank and gotten away with it. I’m sick of seeing people inviting others to hit them as a “strategy.” Or maybe they don’t think they’re in danger because hitting is a guaranteed plane ticket. If you invite someone to hit you in the face, you deserve to get your face knocked in.

What do you think?


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