Hottest Challenge Girls of 2012

Recently I talked about Complex’s list of hottest women of reality TV. Now, I’d like to make my own list. In order to qualify for this list, you must have appeared on The Real World or a Challenge in 2012. So only people from Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons, RW San Diego and RW St. Thomas qualify.

So let’s get this show on the road.

10. Paula Meronek

We’ve seen her laugh, we’ve seen her cry, and we’ve even seen her win a challenge. Paula has always been one of the most attractive girls on the show, and without her on Battle of the Seasons is missing a certain spark.

9. Sarah Rice

There’s just something about Sarah that makes her sexy on these shows. Maybe it’s because she can effortlessly rock a sleeve of tattoos, or maybe it’s because she always seems confident. She looks like she raided Kurt Cobain’s closet, but she pull off any look ten time better than him. For all of these reasons she is a sexy challenger that deserves a better ex than Vinny.

8. Emily Schromm

Emily is type of girl that looks sexy on the beach and can push your car all the way home when you run out of gas. The beauty comes naturally, but the strength comes with years of training. Boy have they paid off!! (literally). She has made money on both challenges she appeared on.

7. Nany Gonzalez

Look at how beautiful Nany is in that picture. She that was after competing in a grueling Arena on Battle of the Seasons. Whether or not she wins this challenge, she will look good!

6. Cara Maria Sorbello

If Ariel became part of the challenge world, she’d look like Cara Maria. Cara Maria has a style all her own, and she pulls it off flawlessly. What’s the best thing about her? She’s always dressed to go into a pirate battle. You never know when that will come in handy!

5. Alexandra Govere

Alexandra is part Zimbabwean, part French, part American Indian, and the best of all three. She’s sexy enough to turn a gay man straight, but sensible enough to reject the gay man because he’s Frank. She hasn’t competed on a challenge yet, but I hope she does and wins some money because she would be kind enough to send some money to her family in Zimbabwe.

4. Laura Waller

Laura loves animals, loves Trey, and loves laughing. She’s one of the newest additions to the challenge family, but an addition that I hope to see again because she’s so beautiful.

3. Melinda Stolp

Melinda first appeared on The Real World Austin in 2005. Since that day, she’s been looking stunning. You would think the stress of 4 challenges and 1 divorce would add some years to a person, but not Melinda. She looks as good as the first day we saw her.

2. Trishelle Cannatella

Who said poker was for nerds? Trishelle is a professional poker player. Since her debut in 2002’s Real World Las Vegas, Trishelle has only gotten prettier. She doesn’t look any older than when she started appearing on TV and she is just as smart as the day she started. She’s in the middle of her big return on Battle of the Seasons, and she has proven herself to be a strong competitor.

1. Heather Marter

Heather got sent home early on Battle of the Exes after her then-ex Dustin split his knee open. What a shame, because I was looking forward to seeing her. Since her days in Vegas she has left a lasting impression on viewers as one of, of not the, prettiest girls to ever do a challenge. Dustin is one lucky man, and I hope the two of them can compete as a couple on Battle of the Lovers, if it ever happens.


8 thoughts on “Hottest Challenge Girls of 2012

  1. who made thiis dumb list melinda nany and emily are top 3 smh and everybody forgets about johanna from real world austin she was very beautiful she would be near the top as well cant go wrong with those 4 in any order for top spots. just my opinion

  2. Y’all didn’t read the summary of the list where the person said that “Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons, RW San Diego and RW St. Thomas qualify”, so Johanna and Robin wouldn’t be on the list. Also the fact that it’s this person’s list and their opinion, just because you feel differently doesn’t mean this person’s thoughts are “dumb” or “crazy.”

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