Episode 7: 5 Moments that Mattered

It’s the week that some people were waiting for, but most people were dreading. The San Diego freak out! Let’s look back at the 5 moments from Wednesday’s episode that were the most memorable.

5. Sam I Am Not Competing

During this week’s challenge we saw Team San Diego’s weak link: Sam. While the team was carrying logs up the hill, Sam put down her log and decided to give up. Zach started to yell at her to motivate her, and Frank started to yell at her just because he likes to yell. Despite the fact that Sam didn’t want to be degraded she did finish the mission.

4. Brooklyn Gets the Gold

FINALLY! Team Brooklyn wins a mission. Thanks to Sarah’s quick thinking. While every other team just rushed up the mountain with the logs, Brooklyn assembled their puzzle at the bottom of the mountain so they didn’t carry the useless pieces and using the key was easier.

3.Frank and Zach Clash

Sam volunteers herself into the Arena, but neither Zach nor Frank want to go in with her. While Zach was willing to go into the Arena with Sam, he made an agreement with Frank where Frank would go into the mental Arena. This sparked a fight reminiscent of fights from San Diego.

4. Showmance Gone Bad

CJ is crushing on Ashley. He picks her flowers, writes her a note, and leaves them for her on the table. Unfortunately for him, Knight and Marie find them before Ashley can so they respond with a fake love night. Finally the pranksters are back! CJ catches onto the prank, but is a good sport about it.

It’s important to note that while Ashley was a part of this week’s showmance and her team was crumbling, she barely got to say 2 words in the episode.

1. Zach Attack

Eventually, Zach and Sam end up in the Arena. After a terrible mission the two of them redeem themselves by winning the mission. Now that Zach is back, he’s pissed off at Frank. Hooray!!


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