Is Team Brooklyn Prepared for a Final?

Flashback to episode 1. Sarah and Chet found out that they were on a team with JD and Devyn. Chet told Devyn that he wanted to cross the finish line as a team, because himself and Sarah are technically still a team.

Ever since that day, Chet and Sarah have been unable to shake JD and Devyn off of their team. Despite the fact that all 4 members remain, Brooklyn’s performance has only been improving.

This past week they were Power Team for the first time, and the won in the most difficult challenge of the season. This challenge had the closest resemblance to a final challenge out of all of the challenges we’ve seen so far.

To my surprise, I think Brooklyn might be prepared for the final. They have all won Arenas…Chet and Sarah won twice. Even though other teams have tried to eliminate Brooklyn, they seem to be here to stay.

What do you think. Can they win?


2 thoughts on “Is Team Brooklyn Prepared for a Final?

  1. Chet and Sarah may be prepared for a final, but I think neither JD or Devyn are. In a really long distance final challenge, these two will drag them down, because of the non-experience. Chet & Sarah should get rid of them.

  2. Chet almost die after eliminating Brandon/Cara maria, he was puking. He doesn’t have endurance. Devyn was dying for running on this ‘last challenge, the final is 2 days she doesn’t have edurance. jd is weak. Sarah almost die on utthroat I al, but she is strongest one of this team.

    They are a we team CHet/Sarah eliminate 2 pairs but they were not that impressive.
    Devyn/Jd won because big easy quitted.

    They are a weak team I can’t even see them getting second place.

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