10 Best Food Challenges

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, all I can think about is food. So logically I am going to make a post celebrating my 10 favorite food challenges. While some of them required the cast to actually eat, others just used food in one way or another. So let’s get this show on the road!

10. Bet Your Booty (Gauntlet 2)

I don’t know if this is the best or worst food challenge, but the final challenge on The Gauntlet 2 ended up being an eating contest. The twist in the final involved betting coins on three different challenges. The vets bet all of their coins on the roti eating contest, but lost to the rookies. While the veterans had more people, no one could compete against human vacuum Ibis.

9. Dine-N-Dash (The Duel)

All of the people remaining on The Duel for this challenge were split into two teams. In order to make it do the dashing part of the challenge, contestants had to be on the team that dined the most (therefore gaining the most weight). While the food looked good, Brazilian flies covered the feast making it slightly less desirable.

8. Fruits of Your Labor

Fruits flew during this challenge. Half of the team stood on one side of a wall throwing fruits to teammates of the opposite side of the wall. Whichever team had more fruit won, and unsurprisingly it was The Champions.

7. Grape Smash (The Inferno 3)

Nothing says fun like transporting freshly smashed grape juice with your mouth. However, the attire for this challenge proved to be too intimidating for Good Guys Alton, Ace, and Timmy. Those three guys refused to wear a Speedo for the challenge.

6. Rolling in Oats (Fresh Meat)

Rolling in Oats was a much more difficult challenge than anticipated. Running across a field and transporting oatmeal proved to be a strenuous take for the Fresh Meat cast. Of course Coral used her gigantic boobs to carry the oats, leading her and Evan to a victory.

5. Redneck Games (Challenge 2000)

While The Redneck Games featured more than just eating, food did play a big role. The challenge included a pie eating contest and bobbing for pig’s feet. Of course Jewish Girl Amaya couldn’t do the pig’s feet bobbing.

4. The Hunger Games (Battle of the Seasons 2012)

The Hunger Games was a challenge consisting of eating and betting. Foods got increasingly disgusting and those that couldn’t eat them got eliminated early and had to eat cow testicles to avoid The Arena.

3. Bombs Away (Battle of the Sexes 2)

The first part of this challenge required 2 boys to race 2 girls in an eating contest. Foods included anything from brains to mayonnaise and everything in between. The most memorable competitor was Ibis that shoved sticks of butter into her mouth like they were Tylenol.

2. Bird Feeder (The Inferno)

What’s more fun than dressing like a chicken? Eating like one. On The Inferno contestants got to do both. And the general consensus was that chicken feed was not good. In fact, many contestants puked.

1. I Scream (The Gauntlet)

Eating ice cream can be fun, but when you’re racing to eat a huge bowl it can become less fun. On The Gauntlet teams had to race to eat a gigantic bowl of ice cream…no spoons allowed. At first it was fun and delicious, but it later turned into a mixture of melted ice cream and DNA. As gross as that was, it may be the only time we will ever see Alton consume sugar.


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