Battle of the Seasons

Can Derek and Jonna Survive

So far, being a team of 2 has proven to have more downs than ups. While Jemmye and Knight managed to become Power Team as a duo, lacking two members of your team usually results in more work. Now that Jasmine and CJ have left Turkey, do Jonna and Derek stand a chance at survival?

Unlike other teams of 2, Cancun has one major advantage: alliances. Sure, Knight and Jemmye had an alliance but they were never high on the totem pole. Jonna is romantically involved with Zach meaning that he will want her around longer.

Plus Jonna has a convenient sob story to tell everyone. This might not keep her out of The Arena…but it might help.

As for Derek, he has proven to be a stronger competitor than I anticipated. His performance on Cutthroat was a bad predictor for his Battle of the Seasons performance.

If any duo had a chance, I think this is it. What do you think?

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