Battle of the Seasons

Episode 9: The Moments that Mattered

Episode 9 featured enough drama for an entire season, but it was all packed into one episode. Let’s check out some of the moments that made this episode so great:



This challenge required teams to jump off a boat and retrieve buoys at various depths beneath that water’s surface. Two people had major trouble. Robb couldn’t get the buoy that was 25 feet deep (the deepest) and Trishelle couldn’t get the 15 feet deep buoy. Trishelle’s troubles caused conflict on the Vegas team and Alton had to retrieve the buoy for Trishelle, thus giving the team a 5 minute penalty. Though St. Thomas received last place in the mission, Vegas knew they were fated for The Arena because San Diego was the power couple.

4. Hurricane Marie


Nany and Derek started fighting about who was a better friend. Because an argument was going on, Frank had to get involved. Now two men were fighting Nany, so Marie interfered to defend Nany. The argument snowballed into Derek pushing Robb, then Marie pushing Derek down. Sam decided to conveniently position herself behind Derek, so when Derek fell to the ground Sam did too. Marie was ready to fight more, but Robb carried her away.

3. Frankly, You Did Porn


Dustin also wanted to defend Nany when Frank was insulting her because he is a southern gentleman. Frank quickly took a low-blow and mentioned Dustin’s past career in the adult entertainment business. This screaming match almost turned into a physical fight. In fact, Dustin did smack Frank on the head, but no one got in serious trouble because Alton calmed Dustin down and Zach carried Frank away.

2. Who Will Represent Vegas?


Dustin thought Alton and Trishelle should have competed in The Arena. Trishelle would only volunteer if Dustin was her partner because Alton might throw the elimination round so he could go home. When the team had to announce the male and female participants, Nany shocked everyone and volunteer. Then Alton volunteered. Dustin was furious that Trishelle didn’t volunteer because she screwed up the mission, and to make matters worse Alton and Nany lost. Now Dustin is on a team with just Trishelle…or is he?

1. So Long Dustin?


Dustin is so furious that he is stuck on a team with Trishelle that he packed his bags and wants to leave. Will he actually leave? Tune in next week to find out!

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