When Legends Lose

“If I can take out two of the strongest competitors that means I am one of the strongest competitors.” Those words were uttered on Wednesday’s episode prior to her victory with Robb in The Arena against Alton and Nany. While Marie may not be one of the best competitors (yet), defeating Alton was pretty remarkable. Let’s check out some of the challenge legends and the lucky souls that beat them.

Ruthie (Gauntlet 2)


On Battle of the Sexes 1, there was no denying that Ruthie was the muscle on the girls team. When she became team captain on The Gauntlet 2, everyone expected her to prove her strength again. But then along came Beth, who eliminated Ruthie in the Reverse Tug of War gauntlet. Ruthie has not yet won a challenge, and it seems like her luck is getting worse and worse with each appearance.

Theo (Fresh Meat)


Theo and his partner Holly were the best Road Rules team on the original Battle of the Seasons, then he went on to win The Gauntlet and Battle of the Sexes 2. He saw his first ever elimination round on Fresh Meat, and he lost it with his partner Chanda. Who is responsible for his first and only loss? Kenny and Tina.

Landon (The Duel 2)


Landon is one powerful competitor. Every time he makes it to the final challenge, he wins. However, he lost to Brad on The Duel 2. Even though it seemed like Landon was going to win, Brad’s quick thinking earned him a victory in the Back Off Duel.

Wes (The Ruins)


Prior to the Spool elimination on The Ruins, Wes has won 8 elimination rounds with 0 losses. When he had to compete against Cohutta, he lost for the first time. Perhaps the fact that the Champion team wanted Wes to lose aided Cohutta in his victory, but this loss was Wes’s first.

Darrell (Fresh Meat 2)


Darrell won his first four challenges, making him one of the competitors with the most wins. The he got kicked off The Ruins for fighting, but he had still never lost and elimination. So what could be worse than losing an elimination? Losing the first one. That’s exactly what happened to Darrell on Fresh Meat 2. Though Darrell is a strong physical challengers, this Exile exposed his Achilles hell: puzzles.

CT (Rivals)


Prior to Rivals, CT did lose on elimination on The Duel, but many viewers would argue that the loss was a bullshit disqualification. His loss on Rivals was not bullshit. CT and Adam lost to Johnny and Tyler in the T-Bone Jungle, and only seconds separated the two teams’ times. Johnny has proven to be able to defeat CT, but prior to this his biggest competitor was himself.

Rachel (Battle of the Exes)


Winning The Duel 2 was an impressive feat for Rachel. The fact that she had appeared on five challenges prior to Battle of the Exes without ever really competing in an elimination round is another impressive feat for Rachel. Despite these accomplishes, Rachel and her partner Aneesa lost in the Banded Together Dome to Paula and Dunbar.

Mark (Battle of the Exes)


Eliminated challenge legends seems to be on of Johnny’s favorite pastimes. On Rivals he eliminated CT, and on Battle of the Exes he eliminated Mark in the X-Battle Dome. While many losses on partner challenges can be attributed to the other person in the partnership, Johnny defeated Mark fair-and-square. Rumor has it that Mark deliberately threw the elimination round, but I suspect that Mark started this rumor to save his reputation.

Alton (Battle of the Seasons)


Alton has competed in many eliminations prior to Battle of the Season’s Balls Out. He has taken out challenge power houses such as Jeremy and Tyrie in the past, but he was unable to defeat Marie and Robb with his partner Nany. There is a possibility that Alton threw the challenge because he wanted to go home, but Alton is a true competitor. I doubt he’d do that.

As you can see, many of the losses of ledges can be attributed to bad partners on partner challenges such as Fresh Meat, Rivals, Exes, or Battle of the Seasons. Still, there are some people that have yet to lose eliminations. For the girls, we have people like Susie, Laurel, and Coral. For the guys we need to go back to old-schoolers such as The Miz and Dan from Road Rules Northern Trail. Still, there appears to be some competitors that just cannot be defeated.

4 thoughts on “When Legends Lose

  1. Johnny and Tyler beat Adam, not CT. But none the less, it goes to show that the true legends are competitors pre-Fresh Meat era (for men mostly). I just want some rooks to take down the JEK dynasty for once.

  2. You people ruin the show. you want the fan favorites of the show, if you want Frank on your screen 24/7 then good luck

  3. Alton beat Alton really though Frank and Zach tore into him. Also no Derrick, I thought him losing to Timmy was one of the biggest upsets though Timmy is a Challenge legend himself.

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