Battle of the Seasons

Robb or Derek: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Don’t you hate when two cast members almost fight, but then someone break it up? Not that I encourage fighting, but when someone raises a fist I want to see the fight go down!

This week we had another almost-fight moment: Derek vs. Robb


Since we didn’t see a fight, we are left to wonder who would have won.

On one side we have Robb who’s athletic and towers over Derek. He may not be the most muscular person in the world, but he has been able to hold his own in the challenges. His only downfall occurs when he is submerged underwater and his chain-smoking catches up to him.

On the other side we have Derek. He has certainly surprised me this season with his ability to perform in the challenges. In the past few episodes he has been running his mouth, and there might come a time when he needs to back himself up without words.

In all honesty, I think Robb would win this fight. But I guess we’ll never know because the fight never happened. Who do you think would win?

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